Bangkok Girls

Bangkok Girls’ Nightlife Style

Depending on where in Bangkok you are, there could be more women than men. This is why a lot of people consider the city a man’s world, especially because Bangkok girls can be categorized in only two types — the normal working type and those in the bar scene or adult entertainment. Between the two, you would probably be more interested to know about the latter.

You will find most Thai girls in massage shops, go-go bars, nightclubs or the bustling red light districts. But they do offer more than just the company or quality service. Most of them are drawn to foreign men or what the locals call farangs. Suffice to say that they gravitate towards them, but those who don’t are likely to belong in the other category of normal working girls.

Bangkok Girls

When the sun goes down, these girls transform into characters that are as colorful as Bangkok itself. They paint the town in rainbow, if I may say so. They not only provide something sexy and kinky to look at, but also a dose of fun and entertainment. If you hit the go-go bars, you will be treated to eye-popping and crazy shows that you are unlikely to witness in other parts of the world, delivered by some of the most ‘talented’ Bangkok girls.

Meeting these girls, even for the first time, is like going out with a friend. Most of them are easy going and uncomplicated. So if you want to forget the real world even just for a night, these girls will help weave your dream world. Of course, with their sultry looks, sexy body and toffee-like complexion, you will let them do pretty much anything possible. Know though that these Thai girls come in different forms. Those in go-go bars strictly mean business, but are sexy just the same. The more casual and genuinely fun girls you will mostly find in beer bars. There are also freelancers that don’t work in bars because they only need pocket money, not an income.

How much will it cost you to spend time with Thai girls?

In most cases, you would spend less than $100 or at most 2500 THB. A beer and a lady’s drink for the girl will cost you 300 THB, add to this a bar fine of 600 THB and 1500 THB per hour (negotiable), and your total spending would amount to 2400 THB, more or less. Whatever you spent, is definitely worth it. Say you decide to take her out. The cost is often decided between you and the girl, and will depend on whether it is just for a short time, which is equivalent to 1 hour or for a long-time, which is overnight.


When the sun rises, these Bangkok girls go back to their normal lives, which are often less glamorous. Like most women, however, they like to go shopping and just have fun. Some of the freelancers are students, so they will be in school during the day, and trawling the streets of Bangkok at night. So, are you interested to meet and spend time with Thai girls, soon?

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