Bangkok Red Light Districts

Nights at the Bangkok Red Light Districts

In other parts of the world, may be it’s insulting for a place to be called a red light district but, in Bangkok, the term is no different from those places labeled as a tourist attraction. In fact, the go go bars and nightclubs in Bangkok help boost tourism in the city. Most often, a trip to the red light district is one of the reasons that foreigners all over the world flock to the city and get a glimpse of the Bangkok nightlife.

What makes the Bangkok red light districts different is that it is generally safe and fun. Engaging with the girls and taking one out of the bar is also considered as something ordinary. It is perfectly normal to see a foreigner with a scantily clad girl or two hanging on to his arm. What is even better is that the choice of venues greatly vary from a club full of pole dancers to massage parlors.

The 3 Bangkok Red Light Districts

There is only one red light district in Bangkok, but it is separated into three areas.


Patpong in Silom District is the oldest of the three red light areas in the city, and the farthest. It has two small lanes that are lined with regular bars, discos, go go bars and upstairs venues where the scene is often explicit, sleazy and downright crazy.

Bangkok red light districts Patpong, Thailand

Do you want to see a naked bar girl perform ping pong tricks with her bits? You should check out these venues. Right across is a gay strip called Boyz Town. At the end of the Silom road is a street market that is as busy as the rest of the Patpong. Recommended stops are Black Pagoda, Show Girls and Bada Bing (Barabong!) << Added just for fun.

Nana Entertainment Plaza

Nana Plaza in Sukhumvit District is a large 3-storey complex all occupied by go go bars and a few ladyboy bars. Just before you enter, you’ll see a sign that says the “World’s Largest Adult Playground”.

Nana plaza - Bangkok red light districts, Thailand

Well, this plaza doesn’t disappoint. Located in the heart of the most popular Bangkok nightlife areas, it is surrounded by other establishments that will make your nightlife quite enjoyable and unforgettable. Apart from bar girls, there are also freelancing girls that are likely to be cheaper, since you won’t have to pay for bar fines. Recommended stops are London Calling and Angelwitch.

Soi Cowboy

The Soi Cowboy in the Asoke District, which is not very far from Sukhumvit Road, is also packed with go go bars, a few regular bars, and massage bars. Out here, the bar scene is more relaxed, but identifying the proper go go bars from beer bars with “waitresses” you can take elsewhere and the freelancers can be quite challenging. You will know you have reached Soi Cowboy when you see the flashing neon signs and loud blaring music. Recommended stops are Crazy House BKK, Country Road and Baccara.

Soi Cowboy - Bangkok red light districts -Thailand

Fun in the Bangkok red light districts usually starts as the sun sets and ends at the wee hours of the morning. Be prepared to shell out some cash when in this part of the city.

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