Freelance Prostitutes

Bangkok Freelance Prostitutes

If bar girls are the infantry of prostitution in Thailand, then the freelancers would be the mercenaries, working alone or in a group. The main reason why they prefer to walk the streets, rather than going to a “go go” bar stage, is that they have to pay a fine from missing a day of work or being late at the bar. Another possibility is that they might be underage, yes, underage!

Most of the Bangkok prostitutes walk the Sukhumvit Road. If you are visiting the city and are in for a hot night, here are important things to know about the freelance prostitutes here:

Negotiating for Lower Prices

Usually, Thai freelance prostitute rates are: short time (1 hour) for THB1,000-2,500 and long time (overnight) for THB3,000-6,000. However, is it possible to get charged cheaper by these freelancers, you ask? Yes, but this is just the easy answer, as there are a few factors that influence your negotiations.

First, it is difficult to get cheaper rates for short time, and this is especially true for younger attractive girls, who would hold firm on at least THB1,500 for the hour. So, if you are looking to hook up with a freelance prostitute for THB500 in Sukhumvit, you are out of luck. Instead, you will have a better chance of getting cheaper rates on long-time hook-ups, as there is a wide margin to negotiate with.

You have to look at least somewhat attractive in the eyes of Bangkok prostitutes and should attempt to speak the native language to greatly increase your chances of getting cheaper long-time rates. Though most girls involved in prostitution in Thailand can speak basic English, they really appreciate it when their customers can converse in Thai.

All in all, the key to asking for lower rates for either short or long-time hook-ups is not being overly aggressive. Bangkok prostitutes do not react well to rude pushy behavior, especially those who have boyfriends or husbands around. Just play it cool.

Possibility of Getting Freebies from Bangkok Freelance Prostitutes

 Now, do not get your hopes up because you would get a “no” for an answer under most circumstances. Your only real chance to get a freebie is if you are a sort of a boyfriend or you have known the girl for a long time, which put you in a form of “gik” relationship.

This means, if you are someone off the streets and not known by any Thai freelance prostitute, then you are definitely not going to get a free hook-up even if you beg.

Where to Find Bangkok Freelance Prostitutes Along the Sukhumvit Road

You will find the most freelancers gathering around the parking lot of the Nana Hotel, usually starting around 8pm until the wee hours of the morning. You will also find others lining the street along the bars of Sukhumvit Soi 4 and 5. Not only you will find Thai girls here, but also non-Thai sex workers, including African, Ukrainian and Russian women.

Bangkok freelance prostitutes

You have a choice of taking these ladies to your own hotel or a short-time hotel. They will certainly know the nearest one from where you picked them up, which will cost you THB300 an hour.



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