Get the best erotic massage for women

Female erotic massage is provided to give them sexual pleasure and to help them reach orgasm. Though the women may or may not reach orgasm, the massage is specially designed to arouse them and increase their sexual energies. The massaging process involves intentionally touching the women’s genitalia and massaging the private parts. This helps to create an erotic atmosphere, which in turn helps the women to get sexually satisfied.

The ultimate sexual experience through erotic massage for women

The main purpose of the female erotic massage is to provide sensual pleasure. The women may or may not reach orgasm at the end. However, all the sensual parts of a woman are touched while massaging to give her pleasure. The experience would be unusual for the women. The massaging proceeds slowly, allowing the woman fully enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction till she reaches orgasm.

Initial steps to give female erotic massage

Setting the mood and making a connection with each other is the most important step of an erotic massage. The masseur needs to connect to his/her client and create an erotic atmosphere at the first step. The atmosphere should come. Slow music can be played to make the atmosphere spicy. Once everything is set, oil can be applied on the client’s body. Applying the oils is not as easy as it seems. It is an art, and the masseur must know how to implement it successfully.

Final steps

The final steps in female erotic massage involve actual play with the client’s body. Several massage techniques must be implemented to satisfy the client. The masseur must make the process slow and pleasurable for the client. The slow procedures must involve massaging the thighs, legs, neck, back and eventually the sensual parts. Massaging her sensual parts should be done slowly and effectively so that she craves for more. While massaging the genital areas, the masseur must not pause stroking the client’s back or massage other parts.

Female Erotic Massage

Head, back, neck and shoulder massages are the initial body parts to be massaged. Then comes butt, hands, chest and foot. In all, the whole body must be rubbed from top to bottom. After that, playing with the sensual parts like breasts, vagina and butts should be followed. The process should provide her pleasure and sexual satisfaction. Though orgasm is not the main intention in erotic massage for women, they reach their orgasm eventually and release their sexual fluid.