Ladyboy Massage

Tips in Choosing the Best Ladyboy Massage in Bangkok

Massage parlors are a huge part of Bangkok life and nightlife. The country’s adult industry would not be the same without them. There are plenty of massage parlors to choose from and there’s always at least one ladyboy who will be more than willing to do happy ending massage if you so desire. To get the best ladyboy massage experience, you need to choose wisely where to acquire services.

How to Choose Ladyboy massage

Quality of the venue

What you see outside of a massage parlor may be different from what you see inside. So give yourself time to poke around and check out if you like the setting or the ambiance. While the setting has nothing to do with the talents of a ladyboy, it adds a sort of bonus to the entire experience. You should also keep in mind that the most expensive massage parlors are not necessarily the best.

Ladyboy Massage

The right time

Timing is important, if you want to get the most out of a ladyboy massage. Avoid visiting one on the weekend or at the end of the month as these are the busiest times. It is also typical for the best ladyboy masseuse to be snatched early and all that will be left by 9 pm are nothing more than the dregs. So go out on a weekday, and be at the massage parlor before 9 in the evening.

Service rates

The price of a ladyboy massage vary widely, especially during peak times. But expect to pay anywhere around 1500 to 2500 Baht, and that is just for a standard soapy massage. You would have to pay more to get a happy ending. Giving a fat tip is also one way to improve your chances of getting excellent ladyboy massage. But even if you arrive on time and visit at the right time, if a mini bus full of Koreans or Japanese beat you to it, it is best to find another massage parlor. The price is highly likely to inflate, and you will have a hard time choosing the best masseuse.

Quality of service

This is unfortunately hit and miss, especially for first-time visitors. You can always ask around about who is the most popular and in demand ladyboy massage provider, but be ready to pay more than the advertised rate outside the massage parlor. Some visitors rely on the locals to point them to the right direction, but even this would require a bit of discernment.

Type of massage

Happy ending massage may be popular in Bangkok, but it is not openly offered. Often, they are done under the pretense of a soapy massage or a dirty massage. The former starts with a sensual soaping down followed by a romp, while the latter uses an oil massage and is considered tamer between the two.

Now, you have an option to visit a massage parlor, but you can also opt for a ladyboy massage outcall service, where you only need to call an agency that offers shemale escorts and book an appointment. The ladyboy will come to you instead of you going to them.

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