Bangkok Ladyboys

Thai Ladyboys in Bangkok

Kathoeys or ladyboys are one of the reasons that tourists flock to Thailand. Both men and women want to find out what’s all the buzz, while some have a more specific reason for seeing them. Thai ladyboys can be entertainers or workers in Bangkok’s red light district. Whichever is the case, they are the attraction that lures people from all over the world to Thailand.

Bangkok Ladyboys

Where would you usually find Bangkok Ladyboys?

Bangkok ladyboys are not that hard to find if you check out the entertainment areas in the city, including Go-Go bars and massage shops. Some, however, work in the cabaret scenes, performing nightly in cultural shows and other forms of entertainment. You can also head out to some of the best ladyboy bars in the city, such as the Obsession (which is aptly named), Cockatoo, and King’s Castle III.

How to spot a ladyboy from the not?

When in clubs and entertainment venues, you will know you are looking at Thai ladyboys because it will be advertised that the performers are kathoeys or at least some of the participants are. But when you are out on the streets, it will be hard to differentiate them from a real woman. You see, most ladyboys are so feminine, with some even more gorgeous than supermodels. As some of them have undergone surgeries, they will have womanly curves that make it even harder to make a distinction.

So how can you distinguish Bangkok ladyboys from the real ladies? Well, most of them are likely to be too tall, which is quite the opposite of Thai women, since most of them are small or petite. Everything about them is also over the top — too sexy, too feminine, too big on the chest area, and too revealing, since most of them don’t wear bras and wear clothes that leave little to the imagination. You should also beware of the Adam’s apple, the manly voice, and the masculine proportions of the body and shoulders.

But don’t rely on these telling signs, because some kathoeys will definitely fool you without even trying.

How can you hook up with a ladyboy?

Thai ladyboys Bangkok

The easiest way to hook up with a kathoey is to check out bars, clubs and Bangkok’s red light districts. These places are likely to be crawling with them. In Patpong, you will find some of the best bars to pick up Thai ladyboys, some pre-op, while others are post-op, so you might want to list down your preferences before you hit the streets.

If you want to experience Bangkok ladyboys ala Hangover 2, Kings Castle III is where you should be. Consider pulling on a Brad Cooper or Zach Galifianakis. If you are a foreigner, however, your chances of hooking up with a kathoey are quite high. Make sure you tip well, as they will definitely treat you well.

With ladyboys all over Bangkok and Thailand, it is safe to say that they are one of the lifeblood of the country’s tourism. So find out why they are so popular and what makes them quite special?

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